More Doctors Arrive in Haiti

Since beginning our efforts just over one week ago, we’re pleased to report that the Denise team has managed to send 9 doctors to Haiti (another 3 are on their way) as well as $10,000 in relief supplies. We’re continuing to contact corporate sponsors to request in-kind donations. So far Trader Joe’s has responded with food donations and we’re hoping for 25 Blackberry phones to help with communications in Haiti. If you have a new or used blackberry that you would like to donate please contact

Our small team has also been expanding thanks to many US-based volunteers! Thank you for your support so far!!

Most importantly we want to share with you some pictures from Haiti, taken by a volunteer photojournalist the past two days.

Boy Airlifted

Haitian boy is airlifted to a hospital. Photograph by Christian Kober

Father overjoyed that he can accompany his son. Photograph by Christian Kober

Children recovering at a hospital. Photograph by Christian Kober

Doctors provide critical care. Photograph by Christian Kober

A makeshift field hospital

A make-shift field hospital. Photograph by Christian Kober

Jaime and Andrea deliver supplies of insulin

Jamie and Andrea, friends of Denise, deliver supplies of insulin through a project they organized with American University students and the MIDAS project in Colombia. Photograph by Christian Kober

Supplies at Samaritan Hospital in Jimini town. Photograph by Christian Kober

Photography Credits:

Author: Christian Kober (IP: ,


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